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School Infrastructure


Ramjas International School, the hub of 'innovative learning ' boasts of state–of–the–art classrooms fostering a healthy blend of technology and education.

Our classrooms, equipped with Android Touch Screens and uninterrupted high-speed net connectivity are an apt setting for a dynamic teaching-learning environment promoting creativity and critical thinking.

Smart Classrooms
School Library

School Library

Keeping pace with the technological advancements, the school library provides to the students a digitally enabled cutting edge space for learning.

Equipped with as many as 22,000 books – fiction, non – fiction and reference books- the air conditioned comfortably furnished library is a haven for book lovers. The integrated platform of the library provides the students a dynamic learning environment. With personalized attention and real time access to information, the library empowers students to explore discover and cultivate knowledge in a modern and efficient way.

Computer Education

The school houses two computer laboratories- the hubs of creativity and learning – that support students' digital journey in a comfortable air conditioned and well lit environment.

Our labs boast of high - speed net connectivity, the latest software and a team of well qualified and dedicated faculty. Both the labs have 60 light – weight, high performance versatile machines that facilitate research, coding and innovative designing.

It is our endeavour to enhance students' digital skills and unleash their full potential.

Computer Education
Medical Room

Medical Room

The school medical, spacious and comfortable is a sanctuary of care and comfort. Well- equipped with first aid supplies, medical equipment and comfortable beds the room is under the constant and vigilant supervision of a nurse and an attendant. Students receive immediate attention for minor injuries as well as illnesses. A thorough medical and dental check up are a regular feature of the school calendar.

The medical room at RIS is a testimony to our commitment to the well- being, welfare and safety of our students during the school hours.

School Counselor

In today's fast paced era of competition and complexities mental and emotional health have become pressing issues. The school has full time counselors to help students steer through the complex and confusing journey of academics, personal relationships and growth and career options. Empathy, sensitivity, patience and genuine sensible advice the school counselors have helped wipe away all blocks and taboos attached to seeking the help of counselors.

School Counselor
School Library

Science Labs

The world today needs Global Citizens equipped with the 21st century skills of a spirit of enquiry and exploration. Our labs- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology- provide to the students a playing ground for experiential learning helping young minds to embark on a journey of scientific inquiry and discovery. The labs, all equipped with state-of-the- art instruments and all safety protocols well in place offer to the students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience as they perform experiments, test hypotheses and make new discoveries.

Club Activities

Club Activities as a part of the school curriculum, make the academic journey of the students vibrant by offering to the students a platform to explore their passions beyond the classrooms. The school offers a wide range of Club Activities including: theatre, Instrumental music, dance, photography, gardening, environment, vocal music, robotics, table tennis, and chess, to name a few. The exposure to these extracurricular activities helps students excel and prove their mettle by way of putting up enthralling performances, capturing the attention of audiences with sharp oratory skills and even vehemently voice their concerns and suggestions for a greener world.



A Government of India initiative the ATL Lab is aimed at creating an environment of scientific temperament, innovation and creativity among students. It is a step towards a 'new India' that will embrace and encourage innovative ideas and iniatives.

Equipped with the latest equipments and gadgets, the lab provides the young scientific minds an environment most conducive for technology- driven learning. In the lab students get ample opportunity for engaging in hands-on activities which enable to explore, design, create and innovate.

Trained, qualified and dedicated engineers are constantly there to mentor and guide students through a variety of immersive projects that promote creativity and problem solving skills.

Project Foldscope

An Indo Us Project Associated With The Department Of Biotechnology (Dbt), India And Prakash Labs, Us

Professor Manu Prakash, at Stanford University developed a $1 paper microscope called Foldscope. Last year Govt. of India invited applications where schools could submit proposals to get Foldscopes for classroom/lab use along with a grant of Rs 1 to Rs 5 lakhs for related projects. In the academic year 2017-18 the school took upon this initiative and submitted a project proposal which was selected by DBT. The Department of Biotechnology released a first tranche of Rs 3 lakhs in the month of April 2018 to be used for the same. The activities relating to assembly and use of Foldscope started in our school from July onwards after the sanction of the funds in the same month.

We plan that at the end of the project the students would be able to

  • Understand the microscopic world around them
  • Analyse the structures of the microscopic world around them
  • Think critically, work in collaboration and become sensitive about the world around them

The project is being conducted under the following heads:


A dedicated one hour every Saturday has been assigned so that students could come to the biology lab and explore and observe specimens of their choice using Foldscope. This included students from grade IV to XII.


A number of workshops were conducted to teach the teachers and students about the assembly and use of Foldscope.

Special sessions of one hour were conducted for students and teachers of other schools in collaboration with ATL (NITI AYOG) on ATL's special days celebrations.


Projects were planned so as to cover different levels of learners.

  • Class V Insects as vectors of disease (teaching importance of hygiene)
  • Class VI Observing Salts/crystals
  • Class VII Study of plant parts
  • Class VIII Study of common insects


During the Parent Teacher Meets, the parents were introduced to the Foldscope and the possibilities of its utility for the community.

Thus, our teachers and learners thoroughly enjoyed observing the little world around them in a microscopic manner and analyse structures of living and non living specimens and samples of food water and soil in the world around them.

Project Foldscope
Art & Craft

Art & Craft

The art and craft is where imagination, creativity and individual expression find room to flourish. The two art rooms- one for the primary wing and the other for the senior wing- give students ample opportunity to explore their artistic talent and develop their skills at craft work. The rooms are comfortably furnished and abundantly stocked with a wide variety of art materials. The talented and dedicated faculty at each level motivates students to unleash their imagination and give life to their ideas. The department nurtures creativity, fosters innovation and instills a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Sports Department

The sports department at Ramjas International School is an integral part of the educational ecosystem. The lush green playground spread across approximately 5500 sq metres provides the students an opportunity to participate in a variety of team sports and individual games. The school offers to the students exposure to team games like basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, throwball, to name a few. In addition, students also have an exposure to sports like badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, martial arts, etc.

We are the only school to have been chosen by the Legendary Basketball Player, Kevin Durant to gift to the school two state –of-the- art synthetic basketball courts. The school has the honour of hosting the largest school level Inter School basketball Tournament pan India.

The school provides professional coaching to students in a large number of sports as well as track and field events. This is a regular feature of the curriculum and helps train and polish students for competitions at various levels outside the school.

The sports department plays a pivotal role in facilitating an active and healthy lifestyle among the students. They help foster a keen spirit of competition along with the physical and mental well- being of students and a lifelong love for sports.



Our vibrant dance department is a unique blend of the modern and classic. It is here that students learn to express their emotions, give a form to their feelings through graceful movements sans inhibition. We have a team of dedicated, trained creative professionals who give the students an exposure to varied dance forms training them to attain perfection.


Music is an integral part of the Ramjas culture and no celebration is complete without music. The music department is an abode of harmonious melody where students are encouraged to embrace rhythm and soulful renditions – both in vocals as well as instrumental. The experienced and enthusiastic faculty of the department offers both western as well as classical – vocals and instrumental.


Bus Service

The school is committed to the cause of safety and security of all students. And transport facilities play a critical role in this area. The school has a brand new fleet of GPS enabled buses that run on four routes covering a large part of the length and breadth of not just the neighbourhood but even beyond the neighborhood. All our buses have male as well as female attendants.

The school management and the class teachers of those using the bus are dedicated to ensuring a timely and comfortable trip back and forth for the students.